The VIC 2014




Riders from all over the world (Japan, Chile, Australia, Portugal, The Philippines, Spain, Mexico, Canada, etc.) come to Laguna Beach to compete in the longest running contest in skimboarding and the most prestigious skimboarding competition on the professional skimboard tour. Throw in the live broadcast with over 20,000 viewers in 2013 and the VIC is a must for any rider planning on making a name for himself/herself in the skimboarding industry.

June 28th/29th marks the 38th running of the VIC and it just gets better each year. The Left/Right format of testing a rider’s all around ability is still intact and helps makes the VIC unique and pushes the rider’s to be apt at frontside and backside riding. From airs, to barrel rides, to technical tricks, you are bound to see it all at the VIC in 2014. Come on down to the beach and enjoy the show or, tune in your computer this year to catch all the action live as it happens.

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