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Looking to get into Flatland skimboarding? The slider is the perfect board

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Looking to get into Flatland skimboarding? The slider is the perfect board for a beginner to intermediate Flatland rider read to improve his/her skills. Durable, fast, and easy to ride make it a must have board for any aspiring flatland rider. A step up from the flimsy wood boards you started on, the Slider is the board you need to get serious about learning flatland skimboarding.

Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight  Dimensions
S 50 – 110 lbs 40.6" x 18.6"
M 90 – 160 lbs 43.5" x 20.0"
L 140 – 210 lbs 46.5" x 21.4"
Technical Specifications
Core Material:  Birch plywood
Core Thickness:  3/8"
Fiberglass:  E-glass (top & bottom)
Resin:  Polyester
Rails:  Rounded (top/bottom)
Shape:  Squash
Rocker:  Mid
Finish:  Textured


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

38 reviews for Slider

  1. Hey i had a question i like going to the ocean to board but i usually stick to those little ponds that are created when the tide goes out so i was thinking the slider but i saw the other comments and you said grommet is better or woody but think id still like the slider better just for that long distance also i way 80 pounds and I’m 5.0 ft tall I’m also 13 if you could respond with aboard that would be great thank you also i live in Canada so how long would shipping take approximately to get it here and again thank you

    • Matthieu

      Hi Coleton, Slider seems the best choice for you! Small should be perfect. As far as shipping goes it kind of depends on where exactly in Canada you are. But Probably 5 to 8 business days to get there. Thank you!

  2. I want to purchase a new board, but I’m confused between slider and grommet as I’m from Egypt where the red sea is a flat beach while north coast is wavey beach. Which one is more suitable for both conditions or if their is another type please let me know. Btw I’m 177 pounds which size is the best. Thanks

    • Matthieu

      Mi Moe, yeah Slider would be perfect! Size Large for you 🙂
      Let us know if you have any other questions.
      Thank you!

  3. Would the slider or woody work for along the shore on a lake with 5-8 inches of water. And if so which of the boards or is their another board you would recommend?

    • Matthieu

      Slider ! 🙂

  4. I live in an area with a lot of lakes. I’m looking to skim out into the water or to stay close to shore to do little tricks. Would the slider be a good option or would something like the woody be better?

    • Matthieu

      Slider is exactly built for this conditions! 🙂

  5. Hi I m 14 and from england I have been doing flatland or a while and would like a upgrade from my pin tail but cannot spend over £100 is the slider a good option? Also what would shipping be like?

    • Matthieu

      Hi Archie,
      Yes this is a great flatland board! 🙂
      Let us know if you have any questions

  6. Hi I just want a pretty good board for on the beach in Perth with the water abit of waves more like flatland any brand

    • admin

      Yeah the Slider would be perfect!

  7. I would like to purchase a board for my son for Christmas. He is 14 and approx. 120lbs. He does surf. He surfs in some smaller waves in N. Ca. (2-5ft) and has surfed Haliewa, Hawaii on small to medium days. The skim board would only be used for example N. Calif beaches. I believed he tried his cousins years ago but was for the small surf coming in on the beach. So, I know he would be interested in the tricks close to shore. BUT, I also know he may venture out to the bigger waves. I have read a lot of your comments to others. I see the slider, woody, or grommet might be the best options. I get the impression that the slider is more for just running on beach and catching those small waves that come in. The grommet sounds good but have noticed in previous comments that maybe not a good choice for what I just mentioned. And of course the Woody somewhere in the middle. (?).Could you help me with what my best option would be & the size as well. Thank you,

    • admin

      Hi Rhonda!
      The slider was more designed for “inland” skimming. Riding the river beds or lakes and sliding on PVC rails. If he’s not gonna do that, I would stick with a regular Woody, more design for wave riding. Now even better, there is the Grommet, lighter, more volume, it will float more than the Woody allowing to reach further waves…
      Let us know if you have any further questions! Thank you! 🙂
      – Matthieu

  8. 3 out of 5

    Please Help !!
    I recently tried my friends skim board at the beach, just around the shoreline nothing to fancy but I’m not sure which board is perfect for me or what size to get…
    I am around 5’1 and 102 lbs.

    • admin

      Hi Sam,
      Awesome! Glad you got into Skimboarding and that you like it! The Medium should be the right size for you!
      Thank you,
      – Matthieu

  9. 3 out of 5

    Can the grommet also be used on flatland or is it strictly for waves

    • admin

      Yes but it’s s not really designed for it

  10. 3 out of 5

    Hi, I really wanted to start skimboarding I weigh 135 and I’m 16. I want to ride flatland and small waves. Is the slider or grommet ideal for me at the beach? Thank you!

    • admin

      Slider is ideal for Flatland, Grommet for the beach. They both could be used for both, but it is not “Ideal” to use a Grommet as Flatland, or a Slider at the beach.
      – Matthieu

  11. 3 out of 5

    Hi, I really wanted to start skimboarding I weigh 135 and I’m 16. I want to ride flatland and some small waves as well. Would the slider or grommet be ideal for me at the beach? Thank you!

    • admin

      Yes Slider would be good for flatland and ride small waves. Medium Size.
      – Matthieu

  12. I never skimmboard before and i want to learn. I want to do flatland skimming like on the shoreline don’t really want to do the waves right now. Is the slider good for me? I also wanted to know how long it takes for shipping?

    • admin

      Hi Casey! Yes the Slider would be the perfect board for you! I just checked stock and we have all sizes in stock. When you place the order, allow about 2 business days for us to ship the board. Then shipping highly depends on where you ship 😉 In the US, shipping UPS ground goes from 1 to 5 business days depending how far you live from us (Southern California)
      Let me know if you have any other questions,
      – Matthieu

  13. 5 out of 5

    Hi I skimboard mainly flat and some waves but I’ve been using a buddy’s board and it’s a bit small. It doesn’t have a name on the board. I can somewhat ride waves but not that well. What’s a good board for riding waves and flat land? I’m 28 6’1″ 185lbs. I have some good experience slimming but don’t want to pay too much for the pro boards as I don’t use it all the time thanks

    • admin

      Hi Sean,
      The Slider is the perfect flatland board! And you can also ride small waves with it! Size Large should be the right one for you!
      – Matthieu

      • Oh ok I was looking for one that also handle bigger waves. During winter time we have pretty big shore break on some beaches that get around 6 feet

        • admin

          Oh ok, in that case you’ll need a foam core board like the Ultra or the Poly.

  14. I was wondering if the nose of this board had a lip kinda or is it just completely flat

    • admin

      It has “rocker” if that’s what you mean, on both tail and nose. It is not completely flat, otherwise the nose would dive too often
      – Matthieu

  15. 5 out of 5

    Dear Vic person who reponds to this,
    I am 5’3 and way about 105 im good at skimming and im looking into getting a new board since i out grew my other and i was wanting one that i can ride waves but also ride flat land i couldnt decide which one to get

    • admin

      Hi Grayson,
      Yeah for both waves and flatland the Slider is perfect! A Medium should be great for you! Let us know if you have any other question!
      – Matthieu

  16. I want a skim board I am able to go into waves a little bit and I am getting good I am 4′ 10″ 89 lbs what board would suit me best

    • admin

      Hi Miles!
      The wood boards (Woody for the beach, or Slider for the flatland and riverbeds) are more built to learn the basics of Skimboarding and cruise along the shore, slide on thin layer of water. That is why we consider it a “beginner” board. Now if you want to start riding waves, you will need a Grommet! These boards are light and give you plenty of float to reach and ride waves. According to your height and weight you should probably get a Medium!
      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other question!
      Thanks 🙂
      – Matthieu

  17. 4 out of 5

    Hello Victoria Crew,

    First of all, I love your little videos on your website. A couple of years ago, I went to the beach with some friends, and they were skim boarding. I was amazed. I attempted to skim board, and I absolutely loved it. This summer (2015), I received a skim board as a gift, but I sink and I don’t slide AT ALL. I think it is a cheap knock off maybe. My question is which board is suitable for me if I want to ride waves AND slide on the sand? Also, a board that I can grow my experience with? I am new to the sport, so I am not familiar with the terminology.

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Oscar,
      Thank you! How old are you and what’s your weight and size? Glad you got into Skimboarding and that you’re loving it!
      – Matthieu

      • 4 out of 5

        I am 24 years old, I am 5’6 and weight about 165 lbs. I appreciate the rapid response reply.
        Thank you!

        • admin

          The best would be an Ultra Medium, but a Grommet Large should fit you as well, it might be a touch small though, that’s why I’d suggest the Ultra. You’d be able to slide on sand, but also catch waves and have lots of fun with either one! Or you can go Woody ML to cruise on wet sand, but that would be more difficult to actually ride waves.
          – Matthieu

          • 4 out of 5

            Awesome! I saw on the MEDIUM Ultra the weight limit is 120 – 150 lbs. I weight 165 would that be a problem?

            Thank you ,

          • admin

            I think Medium should be fine, but Large might be better indeed.
            – Matthieu

          • Thank you for the help!

  18. Dear Victoria crew,
    I skimmed last summer with a cheap skimboard from a french supermaket. I decidet to invest in a better board to make some 360 and so on at the beach in the shallow water. Is the Victoria Slider the right board to use?

    I`m sorry for my bad english.

    Jonas B.

    • admin

      Salut Jonas,
      Oui le Slider serait parfait pour faire des 360 sur une fine pelicule d’eau 🙂

      – Matthieu

  19. 3 out of 5

    I’m from Adelaide Australia, and I just got into skimboarding. I only skimboard at the beach, but don’t catch waves just cruise along the thin water and try to do shuvits and other tricks. Is the slider the best board for me?

    • admin

      Hi Ashton! Yes Slider is perfect to cruise along the shore on thin water and do Shuv-its!
      Let us know if you have any other question!


  20. 5 out of 5

    on a scale of 1 to 10 how well does the slider skim waves

    • admin


  21. 5 out of 5

    What’s the best board for riding waves


    • admin

      To strictly ride waves the Grommet is the best board for you

  22. 3 out of 5

    What’s the best board for riding waves AND flatlandfir a 90 pound 5 foot boy

    • admin

      Hi Eli,
      To be able to do both, the Slider is your best choice, size Medium!

  23. 4 out of 5

    Can I use it to ride waves?

    • admin

      Hi Sam!
      Yes you can 🙂

  24. 4 out of 5

    im pretty good and im looking for a new board i was wanting something that i’ll be able to ride waves with and flat land what is the best board to get i am around 90 pounds and five foot

    • admin

      Hi Eli, a Medium Slider would be perfect!

  25. 5 out of 5

    Hi, Im 220 lbs, 6.0, totally beginner, luve n florida, flat, small waves, what do you recommend, thx

    • admin

      Either the woody or Grommet if you want to ride waves. The Slider is more built for river beds, lakes and riding PVC rails. Let us know if you have more questions

  26. 4 out of 5

    Trying to find a good boars for a starting off rider for the wedge I weigh 170

    • admin

      Hi, the Wedge is an expert/pro level spot, so a poly or pro model are more appropriate to ride.

  27. 3 out of 5

    Hi! My boyfriend is 145 and 5’9. He has done it a lil in the past but now wants to take it up again. Is the slider the best option? If so what size? We live in south Florida and plan to use it on the beach.
    Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Evelyn,
      The Slider is more designed for Inland, Flatland skimming. If it is to use at the beach, we would recommend the Woody if you were looking for a wood core board.

  28. 4 out of 5

    Hi, I’m new to skimboarding but I have done it a bit before. Anyways I really enjoy your customer service so far. But I don’t own a skimboard, so would this be a good starting board for me, I am 16 and weigh about 130 pounds, Thanks.

    • admin

      Slider is more built for river beds and inland skimming, if you want to use it in the ocean, we have the Woody for that. Either one will be good to learn the basics of the sport and have fun!

  29. 5 out of 5

    would this be a good board for catching waves?

    • admin

      For catching waves any Foam Core board would be better…

  30. 1 out of 5

    Hi im kaine, I just moved to.florida and got a.Victoria and was greatly satisfied my birth day just passed and I’m looking to get a good board for around 150. (Btw I mostly skim. Board on the beach

    • admin

      Hi Kaine,
      The Woody and the Slider are under 150

  31. 5 out of 5

    Hi, I’m 14 and 101 lbs. I practice flatland skimboarding and my old board is in bad condition, would the slider be a good choice for me

    • admin

      Yes! Or the Grinder is our Top of the Line flatland board!

  32. 3 out of 5

    hi i am 14 years old and weigh 90 lbs, I grow out of my first cheap board, I practice flatland, is the slider a good idea? and wich size should I take?

    • admin

      Slider is a great board! If you are 14 and 90lbs a Medium should be good! Because you probably going to grow these next few years.

  33. 3 out of 5

    Hey I’m from Queensland Australia, I’ve been skimboarding for a few months now, I can do heaps of tricks and I go mostly to the beach, we get small waves but when it just hits the shore and goes to flat, due to the reef.. would you suggest the slider?
    And do you guys ship to au?

    • admin

      Hi Nic, good to hear that you got into skimboarding! To save on shipping maybe you can contact our distributor in Australia here is the contact info
      Mark Taylor
      260 Railway Parade
      West Leederville
      Western Australia 6007
      Phone 0408-908-529

      If you looking into catching waves we would suggest a Grommet. It will float more than the Woody or Slider. Now if it’s to cruise along shore Woody and Slider do the job!


  34. 3 out of 5

    I am looking for a good skimboard but I don’t want to pay a lot … I’m 78 pounds and my budget is 30$. Got eny suggestions:)

    • admin

      Hi Spencer! Sorry, but unfortunately our entry level Skimboard is the Woody and is $87.00. All of our products are made with quality materials, manufactured in the USA. Making a Quality Skimboard for $30.00 is unfortunately nearly impossible. If you have any other question, please let us know.

  35. 3 out of 5

    Can you land tricks on it easily

    • admin

      Hi Blake,
      Yes, 180, 360 or even 540 no problem! make sure to apply wax on the top of the board when trying tricks. That will help a lot

  36. 3 out of 5

    Hi. I’m an intermediate skimboarder and i have a cheap skimboard and I want to upgrade to a better skimboard. Where I go skimboarding it has small waves comin to shore so I need to get one that is good with waves also. I am 13 years old 120lbs and ride flatland. Can you help me fast.

    • admin

      Hi Noah,
      The Slider seems to be the best option for you. Now the wave riding would be better and easier with the Foamie, and you could still slide and do basic flatland tricks with it.

  37. 3 out of 5

    I want to get a skimboard for my girlfriend, but she’s never done it before. She’s a beach girl who grew up in Cali and always wanted to learn. Would you suggest this type of board for her or would you suggest another type of beginner skimboard? We live in Texas by the way and have many lakes around, but we occasionally go to beaches to have some fun.

    • admin

      Hi Josh, Yes from the information you gave us, it seems that the slider is going to be the perfect board for her! Feel free to email, or call us if you have any more question. Thank you!

  38. 3 out of 5

    how does it do against small waves

    • admin

      Hi, The slider is more design for flatland (lakes, rivers, PVC rails etc…) but it sure does ride well on small waves too! Let us know if you have any other question!

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