Shipping information


Time that it takes from receiving the order to the day it ships


5 to 10 business days

Boards made via the Custom Board Builder or Boards that we do not have available in stock


2 to 3 business days

To Confirm Availability of Stock or for any questions you can reach us at (949) 494-0059


Time that it takes from shipping the order to the first attempt of delivery

IMPORTANT: While Processing Time cannot be altered, Transit Time can be improved by selecting a faster shipping method such as 3-day select, second day Air, or Next Day Air.



Additional Important Shipping Information

Victoria Skimboards will charge your credit card for the product or products ordered at the time of purchase.  Each skimboard has a built in box charge which covers the boxing fee.  Skimboard boxes are handmade per UPS specifications to accommodate the exact size of the skimboard being shipped in order to prevent shipping damage.  On some boards such as XL and XXL (non Wood boards) there is a chance of an additional fee due to the boxes being over 60″ tall. If this happens, Victoria Skimboards will charge the additional amount to your card and you will be contacted through email or phone with the new fees.  These fees are added sometimes due to UPS oversize box charges (usually for boards and please note that this could take up to a month to process due to how busy the online store is).  Thank you for choosing Victoria Skimboards.


Over the years, we at Victoria Skimboards have sold our product to almost every country on the globe. During that time we have seen the shipping rates for international packages of our size (many times 58” x 25” x 5”) cost about the same price as a high end board. We at Victoria are not here to make money off of our customers on shipping. We are here however to get you the quality board you desire so you can get to the beach and SHRED!
How do we do this you ask? By building up our international distribution across the globe is the answer. Our goal has been (and still is) to partner with the proper distribution company that understands skimboarding and is well connected to the in-country retail marketplace. With the right distributor our products can be found at a vast majority of the local retail outlets which means you the customer can walk down the street to purchase a Vic rather than have to pay to have it shipped from the United States.
For example, if you live in Portugal the idea is for you to be able to go down the street to your local retail shop and buy the Vic you desire. If you live in Holland, we want you to find your local retailer and be able to buy a Vic. The list goes on and over time we hope to cover every country where we find waves, lakes, and riverbeds.
Our distribution strategy is one that will keep business local and help support the economy of the country we are selling to. Again, this is not and easy process but one that we feel is essential to building the skimboarding scene across the globe. So before you from Taiwan or you from Panama buy a board from a retailer in the United States contact your country’s distributor and get a list of local retailers so you can buy local and save a ton on shipping. Get the Victoria Skimboard you desire right in your home town!